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VENGEANCE is THE brand for honest Dutch hardrock. With recognizable riffs and melodic guitarpower VENGEANCE continues bringing (inter)national fans in exaltation. And after 25 years the number of fans is still growing. VENGEANCE means Classic Heavy Rock in optima forma.
Bandmembers Erik Stout (drums), Barend Courbois (bass), Timo Somers (guitar), Jan Somers (guitar) and frontman extraordinar Leon Goewie are beaming themselves up far into rockin' heaven.

In the 80s VENGEANCE released classic albums like We Have Ways To Make You  Rock,Take It Or Leave It and Arabia and launched the career of Arjen ''Ayreon'' Lucassen and producer Oscar Holleman.

In 1997 was the release of the album Back From Flight 19 , produced by Arjen “Ayreon” Lucassen and with good old Jan Somers and Peter 'Peer' Verschuren on guitars and and nr. 1 bassplayer Barend Courbois and Paul Thissen (†) on drums.  From  1997 till 2001 VENGEANCE was constantly on tour.

At the end of 2005 Barend Courbois, Leon Goewie and good friend German producer ,  singer and guitarist Michael Voss (Mad Max, Bonfire) recorded in collaboration with several guest musicians (Accept, Ayreon, Sinner, Sleeze Beez, Paul Sabu, Casanova and Warlock) the magnificent (loved by critics and fans worldwide) come-back album Back In The Ring. 

At the end of december 2007 they released their first live album Same,Same...But Different, and in January 2009 they will release the new album Soul Collector. On this album, which again is produced by Michael Voss, they will prove that VENGEANCE is still one of the best live rockbands in Europe. Do you want to experience how they steal every rockshow ? That is possible. Since the end of  2007 VENGEANCE is doing an intensive and impressing ''25th Anniversary Tour'' on the best rockstages and festivals throughout Europe. 

You better be ready to rock!


01. Cross In The Rain
02. Wait Until The Sun Goes Down
03. Soul Collector
04. Samurai
05. What The Hell Is Going On
06. Myspace Freak
07. I Never Felt That Way Before
08. Dance Dance Dance
09. Rock And Roll Band
10. So Many Times
11. Lean On Me


Same/Same ... But Different

After the mighty  ´Comeback 2006´ the sympathic dutch partyrockers are back with a vengeance in form of a ´best of´ live album: “Same/Same...but different”.

Overwhelmed by the warm press reaction and top rankings in several international playlists, the band went out to go on tour with Axel Rudi Pell and Sinner. Highlight was the incredible show in Balingen on the ´BYH´ Festival,where more than 30.000 people were in the crowd.

The former CBS recording artist can look back onto a twenty-four year old history and played with respected Rock Giants as Ufo,Thin Lizzy,Satus Quo,etc...

Now  it´s time to pay back and burn these pure rock and roll energy onto CD. The new opus “Same/Same...but different” is a trip through their career, continuing all the hits and been recorded during their last European tour.

Cult classics like ´Arabia´ or ´She is the woman´ change with tracks of the latest studio release ´Back in the Ring´. The mix has been carefully handled by Michael Voss (Mad Max, Voices of Rock), just spicing this highly explosive performance up with a shot of ´Blood,Sweat ´n Beers´.

Discography: Vengeance (1984), We Have Ways To Make You Rock (1986), Take It Or Leave It (1987), Arabia (1989), The Last Teardrop 84-92 (1992), The Last Of The Fallen Heroes (Japan only, 1994), Back From Flight 19 (1997), Wings Of An Arrow (2000), Back In The Ring (2006), Same/ Same…But Different (2007)



01. Take It Or Leave It
02.  Back In The Ring
03.  No Mercy
04.  May Heaven Strike Me Down
05.  Dream World
06.  Take Me To The Limit
07.  Bad Boy For Love
08.  She Is The Woman
09.  Rock’n Roll Shower


Leon Goewie -vocals
Barend Courbois - bass
Jan Somers – guitars
Timo Somers - guitars
Erik Stout – drums


Soul Collector (2009)

VENGEANCE - Soul Collector[250 x 250]

Same/Same ... But Different (2008)


Leon Goewie - vocals
Barend Courbois - bass
Jan Somers - guitars
Peter Bourbon - guitars
Hans in ´t Zandt - drums

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