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Thunder 2008 Colour Hi Res [600 breit]

Thunder – The EP Sessions 2007-2008

Formed at the turn of 1989, Thunder have enjoyed an eventful 20 year career that has thankfully witnessed more highs than lows. The first show was in front of a mere 35 punters at a gig in Southend in July 1989. They did a further 6 shows before the band entered the studio with Andy Taylor (Duran Duran) and engineer Mike Fraser (Bryan Adams, Aerosmith etc) to cut their first magnificent offering in the shapely form of debut album 'Backstreet Symphony'.

Thunder's fondness for hard graft and a good laugh into the bargain turned them into one of the most visible and popular British rock acts of the 90s. By the time the Taylor/Morley produced second album, 'Laughing On Judgement Day' was released in August 1992 the quintet had worked extremely hard out on the road. Not only had they made inroads into Scandinavia, and South America, they had also appeared at the Milton Keynes Bowl alongside ZZ Top, experienced the delights of New Year's Eve in Tokyo on a bill with Metallica, Europe and Tesla and, to perhaps top it all, made a triumphant return to the Donington stage as guests of Iron Maiden.

Third album 'Behind Closed Doors' was recorded in the US with Mike Fraser producing, and was released in January 1995, after another year-end UK tour. Thunder spent the summer touring throughout the UK and Europe playing on bills with Bon Jovi and Van Halen, including gigs at Cardiff Arms Park, Wembley Stadium and Feyenoord Stadium in Rotterdam. They also headlined the Bulldog Bash that year before venturing to Japan once more. However, the album was released during a particularly grim period for bands like Thunder. Grunge had hit in a big way. Staring at your shoes was in. Singing songs about dirty love was not….

Thunder gritted their teeth and carried on. They recorded and released 'The Thrill Of It All' in February 1997. By this time, former Then Jericho bassist Chris Childs had been added to the ranks. Surprisingly, eight months after the release of the next studio album, 'Giving The Game Away', in 1998, Thunder announced a split due to “outside business forces”, going out in typical style with a series of farewell shows. We thought it was all over…..Not so. Like the proverbial bad penny, Thunder returned in 2002 and recorded a couple of more records.

The songs on "The EP Sessions 2007-2008" were recorded during both those years, and originally offered to Thunder fans as 3 x 6 track EPs. They were recorded and released specifically to satisfy the demands of Thunder fans, unable to wait for the next full blown studio album. The tracklists were made up of original songs, live recordings and re-worked versions. Now almost all of the recordings have been combined in this handy single CD compilation, complete with some lovely live pictures.

Thunder officially have split off in early 2009 – and “The EP Sessions 2007-2008” now finally will close this exceptional band’s chapter in rock hostory.

TRACKLIST: 1. Survivor, 2. Yesterday's News, 3. Chain Reaction, 4. Midlife Crisis, 5. Dirty Dream (Live), 6. What A Beautiful Day (Live), 7. Make My Day, 8. Bette Davis Meltdown, 9. I Believe, 10. Last Man Standing (Live), 11. Like A Satellite (Live), 12. See My Baby Walking, 13. So Sad Today, 14. Only You Can Make Me Cry, 15. Yesterday's News (Naked Version), 16. I Believe (Missionary Position Version)


Danny Bowes (Vocals)
Luke Morley (Guitar)
Ben Matthews (Guitar/Keys)
Chris Childs (Bass)
Harry James (Drums)



The EP Sessions
2007-2008 (2009)

THUNDER - The EP Sessions 2007-2008 [250 x 250]

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