Interview by Marco Spaeth, June 2007


Jan / Peter - STONE LAKE

Your first album „Reincarnation“ received some good feedback from the fans and the international Rock press. Were you surprised by the reactions you got from fans and press?

Both yes and no, yes because you never know how the reactions will be at the first album. And no, especially as we think our combination, agressive guitar with the strong melodic voice and the active drums, huge sound, and on top of that the AOR keys that we really love should please all ears.

Did you have a chance to play live in support of your debut or were you activities limited to the studio work?

Yes we have been limited to do studio work, cause we have been working all this time to write new songs for the ”World Entry” album. But now we are ready to go on stage with beginning at Sweden Rock Festival 2007.

To be honest, I don't know your first album. Did you have any changes in the line-up since the debut?

Yes we have the  drummer Jaime Salazar on the album, but now we have Jens Westberg who is also officially a member in the band from now on. On bass we have Lasse Johansson.

Your new album, „World Entry“, gets released via the Metal Heaven label. Is the deal with them a result of the positive reactions you received for your debut, „Reincarnation“?

Theo at Roasting House in Sweden introduced ”World Entry” for a license to Georg at Metal Heaven and he signed StoneLake. We belive that the positive reviews on the ”Reincarnation”  album made a good impression on Georg too.

How much time did you spend with the songwriting and recordings for the new album?

We can say that we started working on ”World Entry” right after ”Reincarnation” was finished .Somewhere in spring 2005

Did you use any older material for the new record or were the songs completely written after the release of „Reincarnation“?

All the songs at the ”World Entry” album are completely new material.

How would you describe the new album compared to your debut? I mean, what are the main musical differences in your opinion?

To start with, we think that the sound on ”World Entry” are at a much higher quality, and we love the sound. We also mean that the songs are the same style as the ”Reincarnation” typical StoneLake songs and this is the way we want it to be, now and forward.

Is there any special meaning behind the album title, ”World Entry“?

With this album we do belive we will conquer the world, therefor we choose this title for the album.

With the exception of the drums the new album was recorded at Jan's Unlimited Music Production Studios. Why did you record the drums at another studio?

We wanted a new sound for the drums, that´s why we choose to work with Roasting House studio.

Drums for the new album were recorded at the famous Roasting House studios. You also did the mixing at that studio. How was working there?

To work at Roasting House was a good experience and Theo and Pontus are great guys and very competent. We loved working with the RH staff. Their coffee was really tasty haha.

Including the European bonus track „One Love One Heart“ the album features only 9 new songs and has a playing time of only 41 minutes. Don't you think that's a bit short for an album?

Our opinion are that we want high quality songs from start to the end. It´s important to keep the songs interesting for the listeners with not to many tracks. We think we give the listeners a great variations of songs as tempo/characters. We think 10 tracks are maximum to be a good album, like in the vinyl days hahaha. Musically suicide with to many tracks!

Do you already have any plans to play live shows or a whole tour in support of the new record?

Yes, Sweden Rock Festivals 2007 but theres no tourplan yet.

We can promise more shows in the future. We would love to play live for the fans!!

We will take the oppurturnity to thank´s all our fans world wide.


Thank´s for the interview

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