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Way Back To The Bone (2009)

SOUL DOCTOR from Berlin with their most recent strong releases „Blood Runs Cold“ and  the live record „That’s Live“ as well as with their tremendous live shows have established themselves as one of Europe’s leading Hard Rock forces for both fans and press alike. 

To celebrate their 10th band anniversary, the new album „Way Back To The Bone“ will be released on 20.11.2009. The four-piece around singer Tommy Heart (FAIR WARNING) and guitarist Chris Lyne on their fifth studio output in total once again offers traditional Hard Rock on the highest level. Directed by these two exceptional musicians, 10 new rock hits have been recorded in Berlin’s Dr. Soul Studio which once again cover any aspects of the genre – as the album title already says – with the main motto ‘back to the roots’ behind.

Whilst the opener “First Man On The Moon” ties in with the epic elements of the previous “Blood Runs Cold” record, straight rockers such as “Love Crashed Down” and “Welcome To The Party” are more reminiscent of the early works of SOUL DOCTOR.

“Any rock fan definitely knows what he’ll get from us. None of our albums have been disappointing so far”, explains singer Tommy Heart, “but with our new release, we will even reward him. Especially the songs “Can’t Stand Losing” and “Heartache, Heartbreak” evidence that we put a big focus on song-writing and remain true to our mission.”

The emotional, expressive song “Time Of Yesterday” once again shows the incredible talents of the frontman and creates a crinkly atmosphere which has been a typical trademark of this band since the ballad “See You In Heaven” from the year 2002. Guitarist Chris Lyne comments : « The stuff you can hear on « Way Back To The Bone » is SOUL DOCTOR in the year 2009 : Heavy Rock combined with melodies, a good groove and a big dose of creativity. This is also where the album title comes from – it goes back to a time where criteria such as these still really mattered.”
Tour dates for both Europe and Japan are currently being scheduled and will be announced shortly.

THAT’s LIVE (2008)

After the successful and highly acclaimed release of their latest, in total 4th, studio recording entitled “Blood Runs Cold”, the time was right for SOUL DOCTOR, the energetic Hard Rock band from Berlin, Germany to release their first ever live album. The band around singer Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne is a powerful live piece which the band impressively confirms on the “That’s Live” opus. Recorded during the years 2005-2007, the disc contains 13 songs which originally had come from all four studio albums. „That’s Live“ will be released in Europe as limited, exclusive double CD package. Whilst CD 1 contains the live recordings, CD 2  offers for bonus tracks from the archives of the Germans, i.e.  „Revolution“ (different version), „Laugh In The Face Of Danger“ (different version), „Justine“ (acoustic version) und „The Ocean“ (acoustic version). Additionally incuded in the limited edition of the his release will be a numbered tour pass as goodie for the fans. This pass also is a part of a competition where one lucky number will win a original Epiphone acoustic guitar signed by the band!


SD_Band_1 [600 x 600]

Sometimes, true friendship really stands the test of time – even in the ever changing music business. When singer Tommy Heart and guitarist Chris Lyne first met in 1986, a substantial dream team was born. Their first common band was called HEARTLYNE which caused a lot of attention in Germany’s Metal scene during the middle of the 80’s. Singer Tommy Heart though decided to move on, and after recording with V2 and ZENO, he in 1990 co-founded Hanover based Melodic Rockers FAIR WARNING which HEART so far has recorded five extremely successful albums with and received various Golden Records for selling more than 500.000 units up to today. Stardom in Japan followed and raised a lot of mystery about this German band and their charismatic singer beeing so successful abroad. One of their secrets undoubtfully is Heart’s unique, outstanding voice and his immense, powerful vocal range which took their high class compositions onto the highest possible level. As a logic result, Heart went out on the road with some of the finest musicians of acknowledged acts such as RAINBOW, THE SCORPIONS, MSG, GIANT, SAGA, C.C.R., JIMMY BARNES &  STATUS QUO. Allthrough the years, Tommy Heart and Chris Lyne stayed in active contact and remained close friends. At the end of the 90’s both musicians thought it was time to write a couple of new songs together which in 1999 built the foundation of starting their new band SOUL DOCTOR. Their unique sound perfectly reflects Heart’s and Lyne’s collective passion for classic Hard Rock and influences from bands such as British legends LED ZEPPELIN, THIN LIZZY, WHITESNAKE and BAD COMPANY as well as from various US bands of the genre – which especially stand out when having an in-depth listen to Lyne’s American and English influenced guitar style. Two highly successful albums, “Soul Doctor” (2001) and “Systems Go Wild” (2002), were followed by even more successful touring together with KINGDOM COME, DIO, AXEL RUDI PELL and ALICE COOPER plus single headlining gigs in Europe and Japan both which established the band as one of the most powerful live acts of today. After some line-up changes and having former HEARTLYNE/ SKEW SISKIN bassist Jogy Rautenberg joining the band as new, full-time member, SOUL DOCTOR pulled out their 3rd album “For A Fistful Of Dollars” in 2005. Shortly after this release, one of Germany’s finest drummers, Michael Wolpers, became a member of the Berlin based band. Once again, this album received best feedback from the press and resulted in touring as headlining band in Italy and Spain as well as in some successful live gigs together with MAGNUM singer BOB CATLEY in 2006.

In the meantime, singer Tommy Heart was voted as #3 best vocalist of 2006 by the reader’s of Japan’s leading Metal magazine Burrn! and guitarist Chris Lyne signed a world-wide endorsement deal with Gibson guitars. Forced by the great support of fans, press, friends and their label alike, the recording and writing sessions for this record marked SOUL DOCTOR’s step onto the next musical level. The band hit the studio in December 2006 for the recordings of their new album, forth “Blood Runs Cold”. Produced by Heart & Lyne, the disc was finished in July 2007 and features 10 brand new songs which keep their traditions but also add some new, remarkable elements to their sound. The track “Touch Of Love” was written for the band by former DEEP PURPLE members Joe Lynn Turner & Glenn Hughes together with guitarist Stuart Smith and is nothing but a stand-out out next to their own compositions.

The limited edition of this album will be available as a digi pack release which exclusively includes a highly requested, almost 10 minutes long medley of cover songs by LED ZEPPELIN entitled “Let’s Zep” as the European bonus track. 



Tommy Heart (vocals)
Chris Lyne (guitars)
Jogy Rautenberg (bass)
Michael Wolpers (drums)


Way Back To The Bone (2009)

Souldoctor_Way Back To The Bone [250 x 250]

That’s Live (2008)


2CD Limited Edtion (2008)

SD Cover 2CD FINAL [350 x 350]

Blood Runs Cold (2007)

SOULDOCTOR_Blood_Cover [200 x 200]


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