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SISTER SIN 8619 [600 x 600]

True Sound Of The Underground (2010)

The awaited follow up to 2008´s critically acclaimed debut "Switchblade Serenades" has arrived! -"True Sound of the Underground" marks the start of a new decade, filled with punishing rhythm section,  streetwise lyrics, piercing  guitars and  that trademark metal siren behind the microphone you just can’t deny!

After 1 and a half year of heavy touring all over Europe and North America with a wide variarty of acts from Arch Enemy to Motörhead, Sister Sin has become a vicious live act and  have truly refined their unique blend of early 80´s heavy metal and rock to an even more hard hitting, determined machine.

-The injection of new blood and attitude to the genre attracted attention all around the world last year and earned Sister Sin a spot on the videogame Rock Band followed by their first single "On Parole" getting serious airplay on American radio as well as the video beeing rotated at MTV Music choice and on several episodes of MTV´s "the real world"

"True Sound of the Underground" picks up right where "Switchblade Serenades" left off and charismatic front woman Liv adds: -Our band  is not doing some kind of retro, retread bullshit; this is a serious testament to the raucous spirit of true heavy metal and Rock n’ Roll. We´re here to raise some hell…get into it!

The album contains the upcoming singles "Outrage" and the fastpaced title track" Sound of the Undergorund" as well as the tribute song "Beat em´ Down", dedicated to the late, great Gothenburg boxing champ Ingemar "Ingo" Johansson

True Sound of the Underground is produced and mixed by Henrik Edenhed (Dead By April, Robyn, Lambretta etc) and recorded at the legendary EMI studio in Stockholm.


1. Sound of the Underground
2. Outrage
3. Better Than Them
4. 24/7
5. Heading for Hell
6. I Stand Alone
7. Built to Last
8. The Devil I Know
9. Times Arent A-Changing
10. Nailbiter
11. Beat Em Down


Switchblade Serenades (2008)

SisterSin2007nr1 [800 x 800]

Throw away your heavy metal rulebook: a new musical genre is about to hit the masses.  Introducing “Street Metal”, and its new, irrepressible ambassadors SISTER SIN.

Having grown apathetic towards the popular trends in heavy Swedish music, SISTER SIN arose from the gutters of Gothenburg in 2002. Settling on their moniker because it represented their “bound to absolutely nothing” lifestyles, the furious foursome entered the local scene as a hard-hitting, undeniable metal force. 

Female lead vocalist Liv, guitarist Jimmy, bassist Chris and drummer Dave created a rough-around-the-edges yet relatable image of dysfunction and attitude. Backed up with fresh lyrics and gritty riffs, SISTER SIN set out to inject some of what had been absent from the heavy metal scene since the glory days of Motley Crue, Motorhead,W.A.S.P.  and Accept.

A mere year after their initial practice session, the band released a rough demo album through a Greek independent label. The disc, entitled Dance of the Wicked, was well-received by critics, and their self-released follow-up single in 2005 was a huge online success. Touring with such acts as Cradle of Filth, W.A.S.P. and Doro, the band continued to gain respect live, as well as lucrative media coverage.

By early 2008, the overwhelming energy and all-encompassing musical prowess of SISTER SIN made its way over to the United States, and into the offices of Victory Records. Causing a stir immediately, an offer was made in early June.

“Switchblade Serenades”  is produced by grammy awardwinning Tobias Lindell and recorded at legendary Bohus Sound Studios. This long anticipated debutalbum is set to bring back the scene that “Poison” killed.


01. Beat The Street
02. Death Will Greet Us
03. One Out Of Ten
04. Breaking New Ground
05. On Parole
06. Make My Day
07. Hostile-Violent
08. Switchblade Serenade
09. Love/Hate
10. All Systems Go!
11. Eye To Eye


vocals: Liv
guitars: Jimmy
bass. Chris
drums: Dave


True Sound Of The Underground (2010)

SISTER SIN - True Sound Of The Underground [250 x 250]

Switchblade Serenades (2008)

SISTERSIN_Switchblade_serenades [250 x 250]

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