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For original member and founder Mark Reale, keeping RIOT together has always been his main focus and continuing to bring music to thousands upon thousands of extremely loyal fans world wide. RIOT originated in the basement of Mark Reale's home in Brooklyn NY in the summer of 1976 and by 1977 Mark Reale (Guitars), Guy Speranza (Vocal), LA Kouvaris (Guitars), Jimmy Iommi (Bass) and Peter Bitelli (Drums) had recorded their first album "Rock City" for a small independent label "Fire Sign Records" who managed to obtain various licensing deals throughout the world. RIOT played all over the East coast heavily and was starting to be notice by bigger labels and was making a buzz on the radio throughout the US. Capitol Records quickly signed RIOT, who soon entered the studio to record their second album "Narita" in 1979. RIOT toured all over the US and was really picking up steam and was offered a tour on the first "Monsters of Rock" in Great Britain.

After the band returned to the States, RIOT was now opening up for bands like Sammy Hagar, AC/DC, Kiss, Molly Hatchet just to name a few and the buzz was big, but Capitol was now wanting the band to go more commercial to market them in the States but the band liked what was happening over in Europe, a more heavier and faster type of sound was making them a big thing over sea's. RIOT got a new record deal with Elektra Records afterwards and went right into the studios to record their third album "Fire Down Under" in 1981 which is now considered by most fans of that time to be the band's most definitive album. Then in 1982, Rhett Forrester joined the band, replacing Guy Speranza, and recorded their fourth album "Restless Breed". The band got a opening slot on the Scorpions and Whitesnake tour and a 6 Track Live EP followed later in 1982. It was 1984 when RIOT released their 5th album "Born in America" with the more classic metal sound from the past and was some what successful. They got an opening slot with Kiss and Vandenberg later that year, how ever plagued with major managerial problems and record company woes, RIOT eventually broke up. After four years off, RIOT returned with a new line up featuring Mark Reale (Guitars), Tony Moore (Vocal), Don Van Stavern (Bass) and Bobby Jarzombek (Drums) and with the new album "Thunder Steel". RIOT got a deal with CBS Records and was also now on Sony in Japan. RIOT had never been to the land of the rising sun but was very well  known. RIOT got a three month tour and now needed a second guitar player to complete the line up, Mike Flyntz (Guitars) was the link they needed.  RIOT toured some in the US after they returned from their Japan tour, they released "Live in Japan" in 1992. Then some changes for RIOT in late 1993 first meant the introduction of RIOT's new vocalist Mike DiMeo who then entered the studios to record "Night Breaker" in 1994, but this time after recording RIOT's 8th album, Bobby Jarzombek decided that he had enough and was moving on, after the release of the album.

RIOT got a deal in the States with an independent label (Metal Blade Records) and moved from Sony in Japan to EMI. They recorded their 9th album "Brethren of the Long House" in 1996 and toured Japan and Germany once again. Jarzombek returned on drums in 1997 and recorded RIOT's 10th album "Inishmore" that was released the next year in 1998. RIOT toured a ten city Japan tour just a few months later and released "Shine On".

It was now 1999, twenty one years later, and RIOT released of "Sons of Society". In 2001, it was time for RIOT to record their 12th album "Through The Storm" which was released in 2002. Mark had gotten word that drummer Bobby Rondinelli from Blue Oyster Cult was interested in recording the new album.

Within the last 3 years, RIOT finished off the work on their brand new release “Army Of One” which now features Frank Gilchrist (VIRGIN STEELE) on drums. An album, combing classic with most recent RIOT sounds.


Mark Reale – guitars
Mike Flyntz – guitars
Mike DiMeo – vocals
Pete Perez – bass
Frank Gilchrist - drums



Army Of One (2006)



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