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Million-01 Promo 01A [800 x 800]

M.ILL.ION from Gothenburg, Sweden, was formed in 1989 by bass player and song-writer B.J Laneby. Influences in the music include everything from KISS, Deep Purple, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Rainbow, DIO, Accept to Queen, the blues and The Beatles - all combined with the more heavy approach of the 2000’s.

The debut album “No.1” went top 30 in the Japanese charts in 1992 and built a world-wide fanbase for the band. M.ILL.ION was immediately called "Sweden’s finest" and "No.1 in hardrock". “We, Ourselves & Us”, released in 1994/95, offered a more modern sound and showed some different dimensions to this hard rocking band. Tours with bands such as Magnum and their old heroes Nazareth followed.

“Electric” was released in 1998 and made worldwide critics go wild. The release party for this release saw business people and journalists from Japan, Germany, Italy etc. fly in to see the band’s show. A big European tour was planned to push “Electric” further, but as their record label got into serious financial trouble it was cancelled. A tough time for the band followed as the label went bankrupt.

In 1999, singer Ulrich Carlsson and young wiz guitarist Jonas Hermansson joined, and this was followed by a tour in Holland. “Get Millionized” (a best of compilation of the first three albums) was released in the year 2000 with the new record “Detonator” to follow in 2001. In late 2002, current keyboard player Johan Bergquist joined the band.

An EP entitled “2004”, containing three new songs and two new acoustic versions of “Sign Of Victory” and “In Your Dreams” hit the CD shelves before the the time was right for the next studio album: “Kingsize”.

After fulfilling their contract with their former label including promotional activities that brought the guys to Japan, the band took some time off and then locked themselves in writing for most part of a year. The goal was to come up with a totally quality packed melodic and powerful hard rock album. The result is the breathtaking new record “Thrill of the Chase” to be released by M.ILL.ION’s new record company Metal Heaven all over Europe on May 23, 2008.

After signing the new record deal in September 2007 the album was recorded during November 2007 –January 2008. Mixing was done in February at the world class Bohus Studio (ABBA, Status Quo) in Sweden by Tobias Lindell together with  B. J Laneby.


01. Thrill of the Chase
02. Menace to Society
03. Slave to You
04. The One Above
05. Lonely in a Crowded Room
06. U. F. O
07. From Heaven to Hell
08. Son of the Son
09. Through the Eyes of a Child
10. Beware of the Wolf
11. Fires of Siberia
12. Need to Believe


Ulrich Carlsson
- lead vocals
Jonas Hermansson
- guitars
Johan Bergquist
- Hammond Organ, Keys
Per Westergren
- Drums
B. J Laneby
- Bass guitar


Thrill Of The Chase (2008)

MILLION_Thrill Of The Chase [250 x 250]

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