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M3 [450 x 450]

Michael Vescera rose to metal popularity at the age of 18 years as the legendary vocalist of the band Obsession. A classically trained pianist, Vescera chose the path of a metal front man instead of Julliard.

After recording 1 EP and 2 full length studio records with Obsession and numerous tours, Vescera was approached by the Japanese super group “Loudness” to front the band. After auditioning in Tokyo, Japan he became the first Western vocalist to front a Japanese group. The singer recorded 2 full length studio records, various singles, MTV videos, and one live DVD “Live at Budokan” with Loudness. After 3 years it was time to move on due to complications within the organization. He then began what would later become MVP, but had to put it on hold after being approached by Yngwie Malmsteen to be his vocalist. Vescera recorded 2 full length studio records with Malmsteen as well as an EP, various videos and also a “Live at Budokan” DVD. Both studio CD’s with Malmsteen received Platinum Awards. After 3 years of recording and touring with Yngwie, Vescera started his solo career. MVP (Michael Vescera Project) released 3 CD’s and toured South America and the States. During this time the charismatic singer also fronted the group formed by Roland Grapow (guitarist of Helloween, Masterplan).

Michael Vescera has recently finished recording his soon to be released solo CD “A Sign Of Things To Come”. Joining Michael on this CD are Jim Bell and BJ Zampa (House of Lords), Chris McCarvill (Obsession, Jeff Scott Soto), Mats Olaussen (Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark), Scott Boland, John Bruno and Jay Mezias (Obsession), Todd Kennedy and Tony Mei (XFactorX). On this CD he will be introducing two of the world’s newest “guitar master” discoveries. Joey Concepcion, a 17 year old guitar prodigy from Connecticut and Ango Tasso, a newly discovered shredder from Taiwan will also be featured.

The album was produced, engineered & mastered by Michael Vescera himself “Toy Room North” (Milford, Conneticut) and the “Toy Room South” (Nashville, TN). Vescera co-owns both studios and recently has moved to Nashville. “A sign of Things to Come” will be released by Metal Heaven, and the excitement is mounting with a July 26th, 2008 release date.


01. Between Heaven and Hell
02. Sign of Things to Come
03. Shine On
04. Something to Believe
05. Crossing the Line
06. Hands of Fate
07. I’ve Seen the Light
08. Make Your Move
09. (When You’re) Cryin’
10. Say the Word
11. Pain
12. Thrill of It All


Michael Vescera

Jim Bell and BJ Zampa
(House of Lords)
Chris McCarvill
(Obsession, Jeff Scott Soto)
Mats Olaussen
(Yngwie Malmsteen, Ark)
Scott Boland, John Bruno and Jay Mezias (Obsession)
Todd Kennedy and Tony Mei (XFactorX)


Signs Of Thiungs To Come (2008)

MICHAEL VESCERA Cover [250 x 250]

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