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MICHAEL BORMANN - promo2008_3 [600 breit]


Michael Bormann is a very well-known European based world-class rock-pop vocalist, hit songwriter, powerhouse producer-engineer whom has fronted no less than 12 bands, five of which are world renown. Bormann is known for his variety of soaring vocals that range from singing adult contemporary-pop-modern country-rock & roll to heavy metal. The one thing about Bormann is that he is the most sought after lead vocalist in Europe and he chooses his projects carefully aside form his harmonic “one of a kind vocals“, Bormann is a highly accomplished songwriter as well as being the most in demand record producer-engineer booked rock solid 24/7 in all of Europe and often is reported in press releases as being the busiest “hot new artist-record producer” in the world of music at the global level.
After separation from his baby JADED HEART in 2004, Michael Bormann focused on his solo attempt which had started in 2002 with his self-titled debut solo record.
A second Michael Bormann solo album was released through his very own RMB Records label in October 2006 titled “Conspiracy”, which landed him on the official 50th Grammy Awards entry list by the Fall of 2007 immediately after he secured a contract with the U.S. based Leslie Monet Management as his personal music representative in the States. Amazingly, for the 50th Grammy Awards category Best Male Solo Rock Performance out of the 64 remaining already famous artist’s who made the final cut onto the official 50th Grammy Awards entry list, Bormann held 5 of those 64 positions in the Rock Field for best vocals.
Now, Michael Bormann is ready to release his new solo album “Capture The Moment” on May 23rd on his label RMB Records with distribution through Metal Heaven. The album was recorded at his very own RMB studios and includes 14 high class Hard Rock compositions written by this highly acclaimed producer and song-writer himself.

Tracklist: 1. When Push Comes To Shove, 2. Friends Of A Lifetime, 3. Come Take Me Higher, 4. Live Your Life, 5. I Wanna Hear Your Voice, 6. Half Way Down, 7. I Will Hold The Line, 8. Love Is Magic, 9. Glory And Pain, 10. Don't Bother Me, 11. Doing Or Not, 12. Still Haven't Found It, 13. For Just A Little While, 14. Go Going Gone

Michael Bormann- Solo:
2002: Michael Bormann
2006: Conspiracy
2008: Capture the Moment



Michael Bormann - drums, bass, guitars, keys
Andreas Rippelmeier - guitars
Chris Ivo, Eric Ragno, Niklas Olssen, Marco Grasshoff - keys


Capture The Moment (2008)

MICHAEL BORMANN - Capture The Moment [250 x 250]

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