LEGS DIAMOND - Out On Bail +3

VÍ: 2005


01. Out on bail
02. Fugitive
03. Walkaway
04. Doomsday flight
05. Find it out the hard way
06. Nobody’s fool
07. Seems like a dream
08. One way ticket
09. Radio*
10. Hey Texas*
11. One last kiss*

* unreleased bonus track



After having released three albums in the late 70s (among which the semi-classic “A Diamond Is A Hard Rock” from 1977), American band Legs Diamond split because they couldn’t find a new label. However, in 1984 they came up for air again with a fresh comeback album, called “Out On Bail”, featuring a line-up that consisted of three old members (Rick Sandford, Jeff Poole and Michael Prince) and two new ones (Mike Christie and Jim May, who replaced Michael Diamond and Roger Romeo respectively). Although synthesized drums were used on “Out On Bail”, the 6-track mini-album (released by Target in the US and Music For Nations in Europe) was met with considerable critical acclaim, featuring such unforgettable tracks as “Out On Bail”, “Walkaway” and “Find It Out The Hard Way”.

What we have here, is an expanded re-issue of “Out On Bail”, featuring no less than 5 good to very good bonus tracks, of which 3 unreleased ones (marked with a *) that were recorded in the Pasha Studios around 1982/1983. For your information, drummer Dusty Watson can be heard on the bonus tracks 7 and 8, while bass player Michael Diamond can be heard on the last three tracks. If you don’t have a copy of this album on CD yet, I can only recommend you to go out and buy one.


US hardrockers Legs Diamonds Out On Bail was originally released in 1984 but has now got a re-release through AOR Heaven with the addition of 3 bonus tracks. This is a album that is very up and down with couple of fantastic AOR-songs and in the other hand their is poor and weak hardrock songs. The drumproduction is not that fun because the album was recorded with utilised synthesized drums and it feels very dated today to listen to it, it┤s a shame because their is good songs on it. Fugitive, Walkaway, Find It Out The Hard Way and Nobody┤s Fool that are great AOR-songs that reminds of White Sister meets Franke & The Knockouts. These songs has brilliant catchy hookfilled 80s AOR-choruses but the drumsound takes away the strong feeling from these songs.

The bonus tracks is nothing to get excited over because they are average tracks that feels a bit unneccessary and those songs are Radio, Hey Texas and One Last Kiss.

Those mentioned songs are really good and if you can live with the synthesized drumsound then check out this album but I think this is just a way to wake up the fans of Legs Diamond because the band will released a brand new album later this year.