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FRONTLINE from Nürnberg, Germany belong to the pioneers of the German hard rock scene. Founded in 1989 by Robert Böbel (guitars, keyboards; EVIDENCE ONE), Stephan Kämmerer (vocals), Thomas Riess (bass) und Stephan Bayerlein (drums), their debut album “The State Of Rock” finally hit the stores in 1994 – a true classic which until today still is regarded as the finest album of the band by many. This record also meant the breakthrough for the guys in Japan where they reached # 10 in the rock sales charts. Straightly after the release, FRONTLINE went on tour in Europe and had the honour to open for various great acts such as GOTTHARD, CRASH TEST DUMMIES, BONFIRE, TYKETTO and CASANOVA.

In 1995,  FRONTLINE pulled out the full acoustic album „Two Faced“ which these days though is one of the band’s least personal faves and also couldn’t repeat the success of “The State Of Rock” at the time when it came out. Maybe the time wasn’t just right for this kind of release.

However, personal differences within the band followed and ended up in the departure of Stephan Bayerlein and Thomas Riess in 1996. They were replaced by Thomas „Hutch“ Bauer (Bass) und Rami Ali (Drums; EVIDENCE ONE, SHYLOCK). Still in the same year, FRONTLINE signed a record deal with a new label, recorded the single “Man In Motion” and the album “Heroes” which though officially only saw the light of day in Japan since their European label went out of business.

One year later, the band decided to start working on another new album which is well known under it’s working title “Heroes II” amongst the fans but never saw a release. Due to a complicated contractual situation many labels feared to contact FRONTLINE during the following years and the band went back to the underground again until Georg Siegl at AOR Heaven finally showed his interest in the band in the year 2000 and signed them. Just one month later, the album “Right Attitude” was released which can be regarded as a sort of compilation out of both “Heroes” albums …and “Right Attitude” became a huge success for the band again! The recordings for their 2002 output “Against The World” started the same year, and this album finally re-established FRONTLINE on the international hard rock market.

Throughout the months after the release of the best of compilation “Almost Unreleased” (2003) which also featured a couple of rare tracks for the fans, FRONTLINE again went into the studio and started to work on the new album “The Seventh Sign” which saw the light of days in thze year 2004. “The Seventh Sign” once again proved the exceptional talents of the band and resulted in amazing press feedback.

The new album “Circles” once again was produced by mastermind Robby Böbel (EVIDENCE ONE) and exactly continues where the band had stopped with the previous record. Through the AOR Heaven mailorder, a limited edition of 1000  copies of this release will be available containing the rare Japan only release “Heroes” as free bonus disc.


Line Up 1993-1995:
Vocals: Stephan Kaemmerer
Guitars: Robby Böbel
Drums: Stephan Bayerlein
Bass: Thomas Riess

Line Up 1996-2000:
Vocals: Stephan Kaemmerer
Guitars: Robby Böbel
Drums: Rami Ali
Keyboards: Chris Lausmann
Bass: Thomas Bauer

Line Up from 2002:
Vocals: Stephan Kaemmerer
Guitars: Robby Böbel
Drums: Rami Ali
Bass: Thomas Bauer

Line Up 2006
Vocals: Stephan Kämmerer
Guitars: Robby Böbel
Bass: Thomas “Hutch” Bauer
Drums: Rami Ali



THE SEVENTH SIGN +1(digi pack) (2006)


CIRCLES (2006)

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