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driver2 Bandpic [600 x 600]

DRIVER is one of the top local acts at the height of melodic heavy rock in the late 1980's and issued a widely circulated 5-song cassette EP demo in 1990 that garnered the band a dedicated worldwide following as well as attained cult status as one of the most underrated hard rock acts of their time, and it has held steadfast throughout the years.

Since then, the two main writers and members of Driver -powerhouse vocalist Rob Rock and acclaimed guitarist/producer Roy Z - have forged ahead to garner long successful careers in the music business. Recording with various bands and recording projects like Impellitteri, Joshua, Warrior, Avantasia and Axel Rudi Pell over the years, Rock is currently well known as one of the very few hard rock/metal singers with a successful solo career - Roy is currently one of the most sought after metal producers, producing such artists as Bruce Dickinson, Rob Halford, Judas Priest, Sebastian Bach, Rob Rock, Tribe of Gypsies and Helloween.

Coming together to reform DRIVER in 2008, Rob Rock and Roy Z will finally get a chance to release the album they intended to deliver back in the early nineties as follow-up of the legendary M.A.R.S. debut album PROJECT: DRIVER issued in 1987. All tracks have been newly recorded and include five songs which first appeared on the Driver demo plus seven brand new compositions. With original drummer Reynold “Butch” Carlson” (Tribe After Tribe, Rob Rock, Kollarbone), seasoned players Ed Roth on keyboards (Glenn Hughes, Ronnie Montrose, Rob Halford, Impellitteri) and Aaron Samson on bass guitar (George Lynch, Rowan Robertson, John 5), DRIVER has resurrected their own musical niche that originally established the band as a timeless force to be reckoned with. This comes as no surprise to any lover of melodic hard rock, considering the backgrounds of the individuals involved. DRIVER has stood the test of time, and will now finally see the light of day with their 2008 debut album recording.


01. Titans of Speed
02. I’m a Warrior
03. Fly Away
04. Heart’s on Fire
05. Sons of Thunder
06. Never Give Up
07. Change of Heart
08. Dark World
09. Winds of March
10. Only Love Can Save Me Now
11. Tears That I Cry
12. I Believe in Love


Rob Rock – vocals
Roy Z – guitars
Reynold “Butch” Carlson” – drums
Ed Roth – keyboards
Aaron Samson - bass guitar


Sons Of Thunder (2008)

DRIVER_Sons OF Thunder [200 x 200]

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