Interview by Marco Spaeth, March 2007


Torben Enevoldsen - DFECOY

You already have two bands running, SECTION A and FATAL FORCE. When and how did you come to the decision to form another one?

I think that the decision was made once I decided to work with Peter. I wanted to continue with the direction I did on the Fatal Force album, but I weren’t sure if we should use that name. When Peter and I got together for the first time however, we quickly decided to use a different name. I think that was for the best, since the Decoy music is a destinct departure from both Fatal Force and Section A.

What do you think are the main musical differences between DECOY and SECTION A or FATAL FORCE?

Well for starters, I think that the singers make for a very audible difference indeed. As far as the music goes, I think that all the songs I write are quite straight forward hard rock at the core, but obviously with various influences. I consider Section A to be my prog/metal outlet. Fatal Force is a lot more to the point in terms of the actual compositions and Decoy is, like I said before, not that different from Fatal Force, although maybe even a bit more straight forward and perhaps a little less heavy.   

Are there any other bands around that you would compare the musical direction of DECOY with or that influenced you for the album?

I think that I would have to name bands like TNT, Giant, Dio, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Deep Purple Black Sabbath etc. Pretty much all of my early influences…  

How did you get in touch with singer Peter Sundell? Did you know him from his work with AORsters GRAND ILLUSION?

Yes. I heard the album Ordinary Just Won’t Do and was blown away. I listen to all kinds of music and I have always loved bands like TOTO, Chicago and so on, so I immediately fell in love with the unique sound of Grand Illusion. I sent him an e-mail and realized that he was no longer in the band. Then I decided to ask him, if he would be interested in working with me. He did, and here we are

How did you find your band name DECOY? Do you want to 'decoy' people into listening to your music? ;-)

We had a lot of suggestions on the table, but finally agreed on Decoy. We just think that it’s a cool name…

Do you have long term plans for DECOY or was „Call Of The Wild“ kind of a project album only?

I definitely have long term plans with Decoy! We are actually currently working on the second album and we really hope to be able to take this band out on the road very soon. The cool thing with this band is, that we are all very good friends, so it’s not just a professional connection that binds us together. I think that makes all the difference and hopefully will keep us going for a very long time!    

You played bass and guitars on the album. Couldn't you find a good bass player for the recordings? I guess you know a lot of talented guys!?

I could quite easily have found a good bassist for the album, but due to the recording schedule, I found it easier to just do it myself. I am fairly used to playing the bass and I have to admit, that sometimes I just think it’s a lot quicker to do it myself. We obviously need to plan the drum sessions, but with the bass, it’s great to keep things very open and more or less do the actual takes while preparing demos. Otherwise I would have to have the bassplayer on standby all the time. 

Drums were handled by Thomas Heintzelmann. The promo info only says he plays in another band with you. Can you tell us a little more about him, please?

Thomas is an old friend of mine who used to play the drums in my all instrumental band, simply called Torben Enevoldsen Band. He is a great drummer, but also a family man and a really good businessman as well. He is the president of his own company called ProFound, so he is now only playing the drums as a very serious hobby. He is not in it for the fame or fortune, but merely as a way of expressing himself in a more creative environment. He is very easy to work with and we will definitely be working together a lot more in the future.

How much time did you put into the writing and recording process of the album?

Wow, I have no idea. I feel like I have spent countless hours in the studio working on this album! I simply haven’t got a clue, sorry…

Did you write the songs all on your own or was Peter Sundell involved in the songwriting process?

I did all the writing myself, both musically and lyrically.

The album was mastered by your former PANGEA band mate Torben Lysholm. So you still work together from time to time?

Torben and I were never members of Pangea at the same time. We used to be in a band together, but this was several years ago. Torben is one of my absolute best friends in the world and we have been tight for several years. The first time we worked together in the studio was back in 1995 and we have been working together since then on and off.  

How did the deal with AOR Heaven come to happen? Did you specifically send them any demos?

I simply sent Georg an e-mail asking him if he would be interested in releasing the Decoy album. Then I sent him the complete album which he liked a lot. We pretty much wrapped up the deal within a week, so it went very quickly indeed.

What's next on the DECOY schedule? Do you think you will play any live shows to support the release of „Call Of The Wild“?

Well, we are currently very busy working on the second album, but I sincerely hope that we will be able to do some live shows in support of the album. We are certainly ready to do live shows, so who knows what will happen…

What are your next plans with SECTION A or FATAL FORCE? New material in the works?

We are also currently working on the third Section A album actually, so I practically live in my studio these days

There are no current plans regarding Fatal Force, although I certainly plan on doing yet another album with Mats Levén.  



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