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DARK SKY have been founded as a school band in the very early 80’s in the South German city of Rottweil. Financial problems of their record company at the time made a release of their completely finished debut album during the late 80’s impossible and the band more or less caught it a day.  After a couple of line-up changes, DARK SKY seriously returned to the scene at the end of the 90’s and signed a record deal with Malaysian label Life Records. The official debut album “Believe It” was recorded in the following time and brought the band lots of success in South East Asia in 1998. In the year 2000, this album also saw the light of day in Europe, now being signed to German label Goodlife Records. Shortly before the start of the recordings for album No.2, “Edge Of Time”,  guitarist Ashes left the band again and was replaced by another former band member – guitarist Steffen Doll – who definitely left a brilliant stamp on his comeback album. “Edge Of Time” was released in Autumn 2002 once again on Goodlife Records.   In the beginning of 2004, the band started to rehearse and pre-produce new song material for the next album. In August 2004, DARK SKY signed a record deal with German based label AOR HEAVEN. The studio recordings for “Living & Dying” finally were finished at the end of 2004 together with producer Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS) at his Bazement Studios near Wiesbaden, Germany.


Vocals: Frank Breuninger
Guitars: Steffen Doll
Drums: Uwe Mayer
Bass: Winny Zurek
Keyboards: Claudio Nobile


Believe It (2000)

Edge Of Time (2002)

Living & Dying (2005)


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